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Ranks! (just so you know) Empty Ranks! (just so you know)

Post  Flood on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:32 am

Here is a comprehensive guide to the guild's basic ranking system.

Leader - Me

Second in Command - This is the only place where you will find Guild Council members. They have full rights and my backing 100%. Any decision they make in my absence is final. Promotion to the Council from now on will be decided by the rest of the council.

Treasurer - It is from here future SiC's will be promoted from. People with this rank have a variety of rights and my full backing if they choose to use them, which will be at their discretion. For the big decisions, they will also be pulled in from time to time on Council meetings.

Protector - If you are in here, you've probably been around in guild a while Wink. This is a good thing. From here you may be promoted to Treasurer. Its for the well established guildies.

Reservist - This is for people who are really establishing themselves in the guild. They will be active, friendly and willing to help the lower levels out.

Guard - The people here probably have been members for a few months and will be starting to really get to know people within the guild.

Scout - Same as above really, but have been in guild less time.

Secretary - It can be expected that the guild council members will change over time. If a SiC becomes inactive s/he will be put here - with full rights. Upon their return to the game I will discuss with them if they wish to become an active SiC again, providing that can be accommodated. A new SiC will also have been promoted in their place, in accordance with Council decision.

Initiate - This is where you go once you have been here a few weeks. Or, if you join on a character above level 190 you will go straight in here.

Muse - All Sekkege's alts go in here.

Breeder - This is a new rank given to people who have paddock rights AND have reserved a paddock. If you want paddock rights I will give them to you, but please take note of the paddock information elsewhere on the forum. If you have an alt and have paddock rights, this is where you will find your alt.

Apprentice - This is the 1st rank you will get. Upon becoming a member you will have the right to:

  • manage your own xp contributions
  • place a perc
  • retrieve from your perc

.You will not be expected to donate a certain percentage of xp, although every little helps. The SW ethos is to level yourself, after all, you can help the guild level at end game!

Mascot - All alts (with the occasional exception) go in here.

Randoms - Some well-established guildies have managed to carve a niche out for themselves over time by winning a special place in hour hearts. They will usually be the only one in that rank.

On Trial - You just got here! You might be here a few days, after all SW may not be the right guild for you! However, providing it all goes well, you will be moved up in no time at all, usually within 5 days or sooner.

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