New members: what we expect of you

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New members: what we expect of you Empty New members: what we expect of you

Post  Flood on Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:09 am

You will be friendly and talkative.

You will either be joining on your main or a character that you play on as regularly as a main. Alts by themselves with little activity will not be allowed in.

You will be courteous in PvP, AvA and PvM. I won’t tolerate ill manners. Banter is fine, but out and out flaming, raging or general stupidity won’t be tolerated.

You will be willing to get involved. A guild is what you make it (this applies to all guilds really), so the more you help out on dung runs (even if you have done it already), mat dropping and all that kind of stuff you will see yourself rising through the ranks over time.

Irrespective of level, you will have a battle set (as of 25th June 2013 – if you joined before this date this will not apply to you, but I urge you to get your battle set asap!).

If anyone else wants to add to this list please feel free!

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