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Post  Flood on Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:07 am


First off, a little bit of background. Silent Wings was originally the creation of my brother (in game character Snehin-Wolfram). He created it back in November 2010. On his arrival to the World of Twelve he encountered guilds such as Outer Heaven and Alpha Centauri, from which he took his inspiration. His original concept was to build a Bonta guild that was run by a council. Emphasis was put on the player rather than the level; the idea being the more helpful and friendly you were the higher you would rise in the ranks! Also, we looked for people who wanted to actually play through the game, rather than just leeching their way to the top or it. For a long time we had no level cap which supported this idea. The guild was more PvM based, but with a willingness to participate in prism fights and the occasional PvP. Gradually the guild grew.

The majority of us that were around at the time did not leech. People such as Mona, Wolf and Slo-Elon never leeched at all during their time. I did have a wis set between the levels of 30 and 50, but I soloed in mine (against old style piglets of all things) so technically it wasn’t leeching. Nowadays, although the practice of being leeched almost to 150 (and beyond) has become the norm, we actively discourage leeching. After all, how can you learn if you’re just passing all the time?

Sadly, after over two years of hard work, my brother felt he was no longer able to run the guild and handed the reigns to me. Much of the good reputation of Silent Wings is down to the work of my brother and those guild members that have stuck with us through both the good and bad times.

So, what’s changed?

Well, as guilds evolve, so do the council members. As Silent Wings was always a growing guild we have had many people come and go in the early stages. I am pleased to say that now we have a more static council who I can safely say all have Silent Wing’s best interests at heart.

Other changes are the introduction of a level cap, which is 100. The reasoning behind this is because, now that most of us are in the higher levels, we have little to offer those at lower levels and they would eventually feel left out. However, exceptions can be made in special circumstances, so don’t let that put you off!

More importantly, what’s stayed the same?

The original ideology of a welcoming friendly guild still stands. Yes people have teams, yes many of us are end game, but we will always endeavour to do our best to help every guildie.

We are still a Bonta guild. We shall remain so until Ankama decide to scrap it. I for one hope they don’t scrap it.

Despite the level cap, emphasis is still put on the player rather than the level.

As a majority we are still better PvMers, however with the upcoming AvA system things will be changing to bring more balance. I will stress this though: if you really don’t want to get involved you don’t have to!

We still aren’t massive fans of leeching.

The banter still remains as lively as ever![/font]

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